onsdag 3. august 2011

My response!

I read this horrible case about a Mrs. Geller from the right-wing in USA. She think that it was okey that Breivik killed the "lefties" at Oslo and Utoeya! She is a shame and a disgrace! :(

This is the link to her blogg and under you can read my response!


I really just have to say how sorry I feel for Mrs. Geller...

I don't understand what here problem is, but I find it problematic that she thinks that it is allright that several of my friends where killed by the worst single-man masmurderer the world has ever seen! I feel sorry for her, I really do! I belong to the labour party and i can not say that I in any way accepts the killing of Israeli people, BUT NOR Palistinians! I understand that she thinks it is okay to kill Palistinians and Norwegians becaus they think and belive in something else then her. That she put her self and the Israeli people higher than other poeple. Who should ever belive that she and other jews learned anything for WW2!? So I just have to say how sorry I am for her... Right now I just want to give my friends a last and worthy goodbye, even though people like Geller does everything in her power to make their memory as grey as possible.

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